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Annual Snowball tournament: UPDATED JAN 16/18

Snowball Cabaret.docx

2018 Snowball Rules and Info.doc

2018 Tournament Schedule 2.xlsx (DRAW UPDATED JAN 16/18)

Attached is the information for this year's snowball. This information is updated as of January 16, 2018.



2018 STARS Tourney Information



Submitting Regular Season Scores:

Dear members! The easiest way to submit scores is to:

1) Find someone with a smart phone.

2)Take a picture of the scoresheet with your phone.

3) Email that picture to the league representative.


Singles List Information

If you are interested in being on the LCVL Singles list please read the following information (LCVL 2017 Singles List Information.docx). If you would like to be removed from the list, you can contact LCVL through the website to be removed.